Summer Quarter - Retiree & June Temporary Housing ePermit Information

Summer Sessions
If applying for a ePermit for the first time, please be sure to provide vehicle information including you’re a copy of your vehicle registration.  Your vehicle license plate is your ePermit and needs to be visible from the exterior of the vehicle when parked. 

Emeriti/Retiree Permits
Congratulations on your retirement! 
If you are retiring at the end of the month please complete the
"PRD Policy Agreement - Enrollment & Cancellation" form to cancel the ePermit and stop payroll deduction.  Our office will also need a copy of your blue retirement card and your status in UCPath must reflect your retirement in order to process the request for the Emeriti ePermit. 

June Temporary Housing
If you are needing a ePermit for June Temporary Housing, please create your customer account and then email the sales office at tps-sales@ucsb, please provide your student perm# and we will update your account so you may complete your purchase. 

Customer Authentication
Departments can order ePermits for their invited guests.  To submit a request for a guest ePermit click the button marked Dept Login below.

To Pay or Appeal a Parking Citation or to Purchase a Parking Permit and you have a "Parking Account" please enter your login information below and click Log In. 

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